OVR Track Your Team
We have had lots of questions about tournaments, brackets, and OVR rankings. All of this information can be followed and found on the OVR.ORG website. Follow instructions below:

-Go to OVR.ORG
-Go to the Juniors column, scroll down to the Clubs/Team Sections and click
-A search box comes up, under section display club, scroll and pick ALETA VBC, then click search
-This will display all of the ALETA Teams.
-Click your child’s team.
-This will bring up all of the players registered to the team, your coach information, and your OVR rank.
-At the bottom is a listing of all the regular tournaments. If you click on the tournaments, it will give you location, rules, brackets and sometimes tips and tricks to their event like places to stay, or eat or park.